We are a gathering place to share information related to May-Thurner Syndrome (MTS), its symptoms and treatments. We are a global network with 20 countries represented. We share physician information, but we do not provide endorsements. No professional medical advice is offered. We are not medical doctors; our information and support is intended to empower others in their quest for treatment options.

Our Mission:

  • Advance global awareness of MTS through education to all levels of the medical profession;
  • Reduce suffering and disability resulting from lack of knowledge combined with inappropriate or inadequate medical treatment.

Our Values:

Is it tempting when faced with a serious medical condition to seek simple answers and solutions. Treatment for MTS requires complicated medical intervention.

MTS is an anatomical variant of the human anatomy. We accept the reality that there is no alternative to what peer-reviewed medical science has to offer MTS patients. We are highly engaged with the medical community to keep abreast of cutting-edge breakthroughs for MTS patients.

What distinguishes us from other support groups is that we encourage and facilitate discussions to elevate our members’ objective understanding and knowledge of medical treatments.

We are not medical doctors and we do not purport to provide medical advice. Our goal as laypersons is to seek out and share the most objectively sound knowledge of MTS through our international network of patients and their licensed medical doctors.

Joining Us: If you have been diagnosed with May-Thurner Syndrome we welcome you to join one of our support groups.

Diane Peterson, Creator-Manager of May-Thurner Syndrome Resource Network