The MTS Resource Network was founded in February 2008 as the “MTS Support Group” on a Google Groups platform. By early 2009, the group had grown to over 100 members. In 2011, we created a number of special interest subgroups.

Between 2012-2014, we developed private and security-enhanced modules to complement the Google Groups.

Our membership has continued to steadily grow through 2016. As of September, 2016, we have 235 members in our MTS Google Group and 480 members in our Facebook MTS Group.

If you have been diagnosed with May-Thurner Syndrome, or are in the process of seeking a diagnosis, we welcome you to fill out the inquiry form found at “Join Us” and submit it. You will be sent detailed information regarding membership.

Please note that our Google Group is a closer knit community than our Facebook group, so you may want to consider if that suits your style. If you would prefer less interaction with others and simply wish to read the comments, then our Facebook Group may be more suitable for you. Please mention your preference when you submit your request to join.

Diane Peterson, Creator-Manager of May-Thurner Syndrome Resource Network